Today a couple of friends made me feel bad about checking out a few girls. They said it was creepy. LIKE I AM FUCKING SORRY FOR BEING HUMAN. It made me mad. I have this one I guess “friend” who is always criticizing me for my life choices. I wish she wouldn’t because she’s in a destructive relationship that is based on threats and controlling behavior and I’m trying not to judge her for it. While she’s being smashed by the patriarchy I’m going to be over here chillin’ and watching her pay the price because she’s succumbing to shitty ass treatment. AND SHE’S ALWAYS TELLING ME HOW STRAIGHT THE GIRL I LIKE IS LIKE OKAY I GET OTHER VIBES FROM HER AND SO WHAT LIKE I AM ALLOWED TO LOOK AT PEOPLE EITHER WAY OKAY JEEZ.


soft shock // yeah yeah yeahs

well, it’s a sharp shock to your soft side
summer moon, catch your shut eye
in your room, in my room
in your room, in my room

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